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Tight for time? TSI will be there for you with our
Priority Repair Services

bullet  48-Hour Expedite Service

Expedited Service $60.00 Per Item Guaranteed 48-hour (2 working day)
turn around time on all expedited repairs.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Expedited service fees apply to EACH expedited repair
  2. If we don't have the necessary parts in stock, the customer is responsible for any overnight shipping charges.
  3. Customer must call in for Return Authorizations
  4. 48 hour turn around time applies only to working days (Monday through Friday)

bullet  Same Day Appointment Service

Our appointment services allow you to keep using your equipment until the day of the appointment. Simply call us, we will take all necessary information, and set you up with an appointment date.

Terms & conditions
  1. Appointment times vary depending on the repair backlog in the shop. Appointment lead times are typically 2 weeks.
  2. We will typically complete the repair in 1 day; if the repair comes in before 12:PM we will complete it that day. Repair delivered after 12:PM will complete it by noon the next business day.
  3. Parts lead times (ordering parts not in stock) will extend appointment repair times.


We offer the above services for those situations which call for action above and beyond, and we will do everything possible to help you out of a tight spot.  Please understand however, we will only fullfill those requests which we feel are realistic, reasonable and do not conflict with other commitments.  Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse ANY expedited services.

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