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We Offer a Range of Services to Suite Your Needs

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TSI's repair services include

Note: If you are shipping to us, you must call for an RA# (Return Authorization Number) before sending unit.

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Design Evaluation Service  Design Evaluation

If you are experiencing problems with your PA or studio system related to equipment compatibility we can help you overcome your problems.  Hum, spurious signals' signal drop out or distortion are just some of the areas we can do a diagnostics check and pinpoint the source of problems.  We will evaluate your system design and recommend changes or modifications.  Couple this service with our Appointment and Expedite Service and we can improve your system's performance while minimizing your down time.

Extended Warranties  Extended Warranties

We offer a variety of warranty programs.  Come in and discuss your requirements with us.

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Comprehensive Estimate Service  Comprehensive Estimate Service

We have established a schedule of estimated repair costs for all models of equipment we service.  When you contact us for a repair on a particular item, we will furnish you with the applicable estimate.  If the actual cost of repair turns out to be less than the estimate, you will only be charged lower amount.  If we anticipate that the cost of your repair will be more than the scheduled estimate, we will prepare a detailed estimate tailored according to the needs of your equipment and leave the decision up to you.  If you decline the estimate, there is no charge (see terms & conditions).  You can contact us at any time for estimate amounts; all you need is the manufacturer's name (see our list of factory authorized service centers) and the model number of the item.

Terms & Conditions:

Estimate amounts do not include packing or shipping charges or state sales tax.  If applicable, customer is responsible for return shipping charges on declined estimates.

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