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bullet Guitar & Keyboard Amplifier Repair

guitar and keyboard amplifier repairs
Whether its tube or solid state, or any power rating, TSI can fix it, calibrate it and make it work properly.

With today's heavy emphasis on vacuum tubes, we invested the necessary resources to tackle the most difficult tube amplifiers.  Our electrical engineers possess an extensive background in vacuum tube theory and practical applications.  We have been designing tube circuits for audio equipment and other applications for over 25 years.  We designed and fabricated curve tracing equipment to map the characteristics of most common vacuum tubes.  We can match tubes to each other and to the electronics they are intended to run in.  TSI can tailor amplifier sound to satisfy the most critical ear.

If your preference is solid state, TSI is also staffed and equipped to handle all of your guitar, bass, keyboard and PA amp needs.  Whether its conventional bi-polar transistors, MOSFETS switching amps, amps with digital effects or MIDI controlled amps, TSI is staffed and equipped to repair it properly, quickly and at a price you can afford.

In addition to maximizing your amp's performance, we also cater to equipment in need of cosmetic surgery.  We know how quickly your amp/amp head can get beat up.  We offer a cosmetic repair service for ripped vinyl, torn speaker grill cloth, structural cabinet damage, etc.   Bring it in... We'll handle it.

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bullet Public Address Amplifier Repair

public address amplifier repairs
With today's technology, amplifier manufactures keep packing more power into smaller, lighter boxes. Today's amplifier designs are no longer as simple or as straight forward as the older technologies. We at TSI are well prepared to meet today's new technologies head on.  We are well trained in today's switching and multi-rail power supply technologies and have the necessary test equipment to repair these amplifiers to manufacturers' specs.  We attend technical training seminars for the manufacturers whose products we are authorized to service.

What does this mean to you? Simple... a trained, reliable professional will be working on your gear - the gear you depend on to make a living.  We also offer priority repair service and scheduled appointment service to minimize down time.

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Studio & Live Signal Processors

signal processor repairs
Tube mike pre-amps...  feedback eliminators...  parametric equalizers...  digital delays...  compressors...  reverbs...  active crossovers...  power conditioners...  the list of signal processing equipment is extensive.

TSI provides FACTORY AUTHORIZED service for many manufacturers of this type of equipment.  Check out our list of Pro Audio Equipment Manufacturers.  Being an authorized repair service adds to our list of credible credentials, and allows us access to product information otherwise not easily available to "non-authorized" service centers.

What does this mean to YOU?  Simple...  We are backed by the manufacturer so you know your products will be repaired properly to spec by qualified professional electrical engineers. 

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bullet  Mixing Consoles Of All types -

mixer repairs
   Large & Small Consoles
The heart of your PA or studio system is the mixing console.  If or when this critical piece of equipment fails let TSI be the service center that can repair and calibrate it quickly and cost effectively.

At TSI we invested the necessary effort and capital to stock many of the low noise op amps and mike preamp devices used in most mixing consoles, along with a wide variety of controls and jacks that are also commonly used. We have the necessary calibration and distortion analysis equipment to troubleshoot the most difficult problems.
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We pay special attention to this class of industry workhorse...  We stock most of the necessary parts from controls to knobs, reverb pans and power devices.  We can turn them around quickly and cost effectively...  From the Peavey XR series to the Mackie Powered Mixers, we are staffed and equipped to repair these mixers fast and at affordable cost.

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If its upgrades you're looking for, you've come to the right place... from ADAT expansion cards for your Yamaha O2R to Pre/Post EQ mods for your Mackie 32X8, we are staffed and equipped to do the job.  We keep current with available upgrades for many manufacturers and can turn most modifications around in a single day!!  If you can't be without it for long, just give us a call.  We can schedule an appointment and do the job that same day, whether you bring your gear here or we pay you a visit.
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bullet Analog & Digital Tape Recording Systems

digital and audio workstations
If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with your ADAT machines TSI can help you. We are the only ALESIS factory authorized service center in New Jersey!  Factory trained in ADAT service with a full line of parts in stock, you'll be glad you came to TSI in your time of crisis.

As most of these "higher end" digital multi-track decks are used in professional studios, repair turn around time is critical (see Time Critical).  We're set up to turn around ALL NORMAL MAINTENANCE AND MOST REPAIRS WITHIN 24 HOURS!  Whether its ADAT, Roland VS or Akai S Series, TSI is staffed and equipped to fix it properly.
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Keyboard Service

Keyboard Repair Service
Dealing with a broken keyboard is different than dealing with a broken guitar or amplifier.  Experience has taught us that keyboards often need special attention as its not as easy to just grab a loaner.  If you use another one, will you be able to run your current sequences?  Will you need to spend hours programming it to work with your other modules?  What sounds come with the new keyboard?  We try to help you avoid questions like this by stocking the necessary parts, such as keys, key contacts, switches, jacks and common electrical components for most keyboards and sound modules.  Our aim is to minimize your down time.

For key and key related failures (one of the most common failure modes in keyboards) we can normally provide 24 hour service.  Our large inventory of parts and extensive library of service documentation help us minimize your equipment down time.  We also carry or have access to a large library of factory preset sound for most keyboards. If you need your keyboard repaired FAST and you need it repaired right, bring it to TSI.

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bullet Electronic Drum Systems

electronic drums system repair
Roland, Yamaha, Alesis; whatever your drum set of preference is, TSI is staffed and equipped to handle all of your needs. We carry many of the different triggers and transducers used along with a large selection of electrical and mechanical hardware used in electronic drum systems. We also have access to software upgrades and expansions for most systems.

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Snakes & Cable Harnesses

If it's snake and cable repair you need, you've come to the right place.  Not only can we repair most snakes and cable assemblies, we can also custom design cables and snakes to your specification.

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bullet for speaker system repairs Speaker & Crossover Systems

speaker and crossover system repair
From powered monitors from EV, Mackie, Peavey & Soundtech to EV rawframe speaker components, TSI can assist you with most of your speaker & crossover needs. Factory Authorized to service most manufacturers, we stock most common components for a wide variety of powered speaker amplifiers and crossovers, and can turn them around quickly. We stock many common speakers and have access to the best speaker re-coners in the area. If speakers are your problem Just give TSI a call
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